Come India, Let’s All Hate Arvind Kejriwal

Don’t read this if you are sold on the dream – ‘Aache din aayenge’! or if you have voted criminals to parliament who have won your heart with some fast-talking while smiling their way to the bank (not to mention with your money and implicit permission!). It takes a discerning audience to understand what AAP stands for, not for those who take things at face value…

Puns and Roses

Funny country, ours is. We love to hate. We are so fed up of our own miserable problems and pathetic administration that we just need a media-created effigy to direct our hatred and burn. Beyond logic. Beyond rationale. Beyond the levels of tolerance and sophistication that one can expect from a country that boasts itself as the world’s largest democracy.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal humbled in the recent national elections. Just four members from his party got into parliament and Kejriwal himself lost by a mammoth 337,000 votes at Varanasi to the next PM of India, Narendra Modi. Honestly speaking, it was a stupid move by AK to challenge Modi at Varanasi. He could’ve contested from his home constituency, won his seat in parliament and actually made a difference from inside over the next 5 years. Isn’t that why he split from Anna Hazare in the first place??

The hate…

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