8 Words in Google Images

Last week’s campaign by ‘The Logical Indian’ against labelling women went viral on Facebook, and galloped my curiosity about the connotations words carry on their tiny poly-syllabic shoulders. Adjectives being ‘describing words’ were perfect candidates to be tried and tested. I Googled 8 of them (admittedly all 8 are thrown around often in ‘engendered’ discussions) to see what kind of images commonly represent them; and the associated gender-prejudices around these words.

Disclaimer: This is for the language sticklers. I added ‘people’ to some adjectives as my keyword search term, because without the ‘people’ appendage, search results for particular adjectives threw up only stick figures and memes.


1. ‘Career People’  = Gender Neutral (by which I mean approximately as many men as women) 



 [Side-note: They are always happy, always in suits !]


2. But ‘Ambitious People’ = Mostly Men





3. ‘Good Bosses’ = Mostly Men





4. But  of course ‘Bossy’ is… (Go on, take a wild guess!)






5. And ‘Dominating’= Mostly Women (again!)






6. ‘Intelligent People’ = ALL Men





…BUT mostly Einstein to be fair.  So, I scrolled down further ⇓



intelligent people second try


… and spotted three women in all plus Sylar Spock


7. ‘Good Looking People’ = Gender Neutral


good looking people



8. But ‘Photo-shopped’ = ALL Women + George Cloony 





Share more observations with us. We would love to hear from you!


*The images used are converted  screen shots of the first bunch of google images (as search results for my apostrophed keywords) that fit my computer screen


-Sharmila Ray