AIDS PREVENTION: What’s Worked, What’s Not

2,100,000 people  are living with HIV in India, as per 2012 data.  Using infographics, we show our High Risk Groups by population numbers;  what’s worked and what’s not for the HIV and AIDS prevention/sensitization. 

This is data we should all know about AIDS in India. To see our complete and responsive Infographic on AIDS and India, please click here 

The controversy around Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s telephonic interview with The New York Times hinged on his emphasis on sexual integrity. It kicked up a furor. Arguments and counter arguments were brandished and presented to validate, substantiate, disagree with the health minister’s recommendations on India’s AIDS awareness campaign. 

High Risk Groups


HIV Prevention Activities (% of population terms) 

coverage prevention

What’s Worked (For HIV Prevention)

Say YES to

What’s Not (For HIV Prevention)


Complete infographic created  By: Sharmila Ray

Information Source: (Data from 2012)

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