About Us

Lives Some Live narrates stories and discusses  issues which are not often spoken about. From the travails of sex workers claiming their citizen rights in Coastal South India; to the tribulations faced by abandoned street children in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lives Some Live covers a broad canvas. It hopes to engage our readers with issues, currently assigned or limited (depends on how one sees it) to niche discussions. The blog seeks to share stories that build empathy and awareness on those lived realities relegated to the margins of popular consciousness.

Lives Some Live is run by Akansha Yadav. I am a development researcher and practitioner and currently involved in public policy evaluation and implementation (both rural and urban). Through this blog I aim to contribute to the current discourse and bring in alternative narratives.

The motto is to ‘Engage, Speak up, Read on and Listen in’. This blog publishes stories from the field and also invites guest blogs and contributions to widen the range of stories and issues that it covers; and to highlight the ubiquitousness of certain social malaise.

In case you have an interesting story to share, please write to us at: livestheylive@gmail.com