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Mother’s Little Helper:

While gender sensitisation is the buzz word of this decade, how exactly does it translate in real life, in social and work scenarios? Observations from the field on social and behavioural attitude towards working mothers and what could possibly be forcing them to stay at home.


Child Labour: Does it Strike you?:

Children working is a common sight in India – young girls carrying water and/or washing utensils, young boys working in the fields or indulging in activities not compatible with their age such as gambling. Rather than going to school, they often work for ungodly hours and worse, they have no right over income and resources that they generate (if at all they are paid!)…. Admittedly, we have grown immune to these images given how pervasive they are and despite the shocking nature of this reality, it does not seem to assault our senses any more.

Araku valley

Food for Thought

In the wake of Bihar Mid Day Meal tragedy in July 2013, it is vital that monitoring institutions at grass-roots level are strengthened. Here I have explored some case studies from parents who participated in the pilot social audit process of the mid-day meal scheme where they were trained to hold implementing agency accountable  and brought about some decisive changes through direct negotiations with the government.



Claiming NREGA from below:

Social Audits are a critical tool for empowerment of the poor. It trains them in filing RTIs, reading and verifying government documents and makes them aware of their entitlements. Questioning public offcials and implementing staff in Public Hearing is one of the rare tools in their hands by which they can play a vital role in efficient service delivery and combat corruption.

Door to door verifiation (1)


Why you and me should rise on 14th Feb? And why we should not

The Rise4Justice falls short of my expectations… merely being a promise of unavailable justice. While it has resounding promise of change, the absence yet of calibrated measures and follow up action and advocacy for redressal makes it trite…



Hope Floats:

My blog on the issue of social inclusion particularly of access of social schemes by sex workers from coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh.


Ordinary Love

My blog that talks about ordinary life, aspirations and spirit of people who are mostly invisible to society…