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Women and Water

Irrespective of which region or state or socio-economic strata one visits, the plight of women remains the same. The only variation is that they face the brunt of all these socially ascribed roles… Continue reading

I own therefore I am

A couple of months back my cousin and I got talking about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It’s a good policy if it can be implemented and Prime Minister Modi is right, having strong,… Continue reading

Honey I shrunk my dreams

One of my American friends was recently telling me about the difficulties and frustrations young Americans have had to face after the 2008 crisis. The crisis continues to shrink the job market in… Continue reading

An Illustrated Guide to Feminism

When I was younger I used to find it very easy to say I was a ‘staunch feminist’. With age I started getting confused about what that meant. I never had doubts that… Continue reading

The Other India: A Reality Check

Reality in India is a multi-faceted thing. There is the reality of what we read, watch or hear every day, from Indians scuffling in the heart of New York to ‘freshly minted campaigns’… Continue reading

Mother’s Little Helper

Earlier this year, I was giving social audit training to a group of women and men in Gumla district of Jharkhand when a toddler of a young mother (a trainee) decided to be… Continue reading

The Ballad of Guns

This guest blog is real time reporting from the war zone of Iraq where stationed in Baghdad, Aditya Raj Kaul writes about the way life is panning out and his impressions of violence. While… Continue reading

BAT WOMEN: Self Made Heroes

Women in Purulia, West Bengal, 2013, December Women keeping count of their money, and maintaining a close record of girls under 18 whose families are looking to get them married. They plan to… Continue reading

“Do I Dare, Disturb the universe?”

These posters have been created by Brazilian illustrator Carol Rossetti. When we saw these, our first thought was “Yes, Yes, Yes, it is okay, it really is okay for women to just be… Continue reading

AIDS PREVENTION: What’s Worked, What’s Not

2,100,000 people  are living with HIV in India, as per 2012 data.  Using infographics, we show our High Risk Groups by population numbers;  what’s worked and what’s not for the HIV and AIDS prevention/sensitization. … Continue reading